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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Today in my class, out of the blue, one of my students asked me a very good question.

"Mrs. Chickenhead, is eating your hobby?"

I couldn't help but smile and say...

"I guess you could say that it is."

I love kids!

Oh that is too cute!! Love it!
OMG! That is too much!!! :)
LOL Love that!!
Oh boy is it true!
That's so cute! =)
I really can't think of a better hobby.
Sunny--are you a teacher too?! I have been blogging with City Penguin about various kid/teaching stuff...I will be student teaching this fall. How cool is that, two people in my future profession that both love Grey's Anatomy!

kids can be so hilarious sometimes.
Hot L I agree with you. As of lately all I think about is food. Where can I get it? How good it will taste. Everything about food.

Betsy, why yes, I teach. I teach 2nd grade. I used to teach 1st. How is your student teaching going?
I haven't started yet...my application got sent out to my 1st choice school so we'll see. I am hoping for 2nd or 3rd grade, even 4th would be fine. I'll keep you posted when I find out where/what grade I get in to for it.
Yesterday my students got into this discussion about if I was nice or not, and if they wanted to be in my class. HA! Even after everything the little guy that I gave all those silent lunches to said that he would want to be in my class, that I was still nice even though I didn't do recess as much as others.
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