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Saturday, March 18, 2006

New Tenant

You might have seen that my renter space has been empty for a while. I have been too busy to deal with it and also I didn't have any great offers.

That has all changed!

Let's all welcome 3 Times a Charm!

I have seen her around in the blogging world. Now I have the honor to host her here. Stop and take a visit by clicking on her little renter's box on the side-bar. She is full of life and words. Right now she is going through a tough time. Go send her some love.

3 Times a Charm, I hope you enjoy your stay!

I love her.

Hadn't been to her place in awhile, so thanks for giving me the opportunity to pop over there.
Are you behaving this weekend?

Hot Lips isn't.... ;-)
I have been behaving.

What has she done this time?
Thank you for the warm and ind welcome Sunny!
And thank you for renting to me as well. I will try to be a good tenant. ;-)

You are so welcome. :)
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