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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Okay I came up with something!

Let's talk eyebrows!

I used to have HUGE ones. My senior pictures are too funny because of them. Soooo I plucked them. I shaped them. I did it all myself. I used to get compliments on them. How nice they looked. It was kind of strange getting eyebrow compliments.

I have even plucked a few friends eyebrows before. I thought I was pretty good.

But lately, I have noticed that the eyebrow is getting bigger, fuller. I am at a loss. What should I do?

I had lunch with friends the other day and one of them had just gotten her's waxed. I have never done the waxing thing. Scared! But her's looked AWESOME! My other friend and I decided to grow ours out so we can get them shaped and waxed.

NOW I look awful! I want to pluck soooooo bad! I don't want people to start staring and talking about how bad I look.

Should I pluck or should I wait and wax?

lol This is an awesome post. Makes me want to dig to find the before and after PY pics.

Wait it out and get them shaped and waxed. I am working on that too...but keep cheating and plucking. I've got to stop that if I ever want them waxed.
I guess we can look ugly together!!!
I always get mine waxed. I hate to pluck! It hurts too bad! With waxing, it's quick and relatively painless! wait it out--it's worth it!!!
you know I just posted about this the other day, so I say if you're lucky enough to be able to grow 'em out~go for it!

it's kinda like that old saying:

"smoke 'em if you got 'em"

only in this case it's:

"grow 'em if you got 'em" ;-)

I'm jealous b/c I don't have nice eyebrows anymore....
Im with City Penguin--go for the wax. I won't lie, initially it hurts but you get used to it. Speaking of waxing I was laughing the other day about bikini waxes--now THAT is some waxing I ain't down with. Couldn't do it, no way no how. LOL
WAXING IS GREAT! I just did that and the mani/pedi earlier for tomorrow night's festivities *insert evil laugh of mine* he he
oh, I will warn ya though...your fist time it will hurt a little and be red where they wax. I would suggest doing it and then planning to go back home, or if you are out already, do the wax right before going home.
never waxed..but want to....
was just reading article in magazine talking about the best way to remove hair in all places- and for eyebrows they voted for waxing a few times a year to get a good shape...then plucking between to keep it up.
Maybe i'll try it with you!
Wait and Wax!!! You will NEVER go back! I promise...
Thank you for all of your advice and help. I tried to comment earlier but work connection threw me off.

White I read the same thing. I need to grow these things out, get them groomed and then keep up the maintance on my own.

Maybe I will just have to take a picture of them when they get really bad and then an after shot of when I get them waxed. :)
I heard that you grow a new set of eyebrows every 11 days. So it shouldn't take long. You most definitely need to just submit to a biweekly waxing. It is $12 and totally worth it.
Really, every 11 days? WOW. Then I am almost there . They are looking wicked! Wicking not being awesome.

$12 dollars must be out there in the backwoods my friend, but here in the city at a nice place, $25.
You don't need a nice place. As a matter of fact, I only let black ladies from the most ghetto of ghetto salons touch my brows. Trust me on this. Nobody knows about eyebrow shape like a sister.
Around here none of them work in places like that! A totally different country all together.
What? You don't have any ghetto hair places? Where do people get weaves around there?
Downtown downtown. That is too much work for just eyebrows.
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