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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I Thought I'd Seen It All

I was doing a little googling today. Brainstorming here and there when I came upon a website that sells the perfect gift for me. I didn't believe my eyes when I read what the gift was. I thought it was a mistake so I clicked on the picture and link.

NOPE I was right. The perfect gift for men, the Executive Ball Scratcher. Do I need to repeat myself? I couldn't believe it. The best part is the the description of this gift.

"The Executive Ball Scratcher is every mans dream. Men love playing and scratching their bits. Now he has the ultimate tool to do it with, a chrome plated ball scratcher.

No longer does he have to worry about the embarassing smell on his fingers which often occurs after a good scratch.

The Ball Scratcher is an ideal gift for any man who likes a good rumage. The Ball Scratcher is guaranteed to give the recipient a good laugh.

The dimensions of the Executive's Ball Scratcher is 30 cms (12 inchs) long. The Ball Scratcher comes in lovely hard presentation box."

The worst part of it all were the comments left by buyers. I am sure they were a joke but come on, don't put them on your website.

Has anyone seen this before? Would you really buy it for someone? I am just shocked!

Guess it'd be a good gag gift, but that's about it!
I guess but man, the way they describe it. UGH!
I am sooo going to get myself one!!!
The perfect Gift
HA~! You would! You should buy one for all of your friends too.
I wish I had thought of that!
The boss (Jim) thinks it's a great idea. All employee Christmas gift! We are soooo excited!
I had to chare that one with all my coworkers who thought that was hillarious! :) Love you!
Oh come on, Sunny. Everyone likes a good rumage.
HA! You are all so funny. Maybe I should buy Grumps one. It's my dad's birthday. Should I buy him one too?
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