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Friday, April 07, 2006

Spring Break

My spring break has begun. Grumps and I are living it up watched Tivoed movies and drinking some good margaritas.

Celebrate good times! Come on!!!! It's a celebration!!!!

Yea! Good for you!

Are ya gonna go hang out with Hot Lips?
I was just about to ask if she had any big plans this week.
HA! No plans but just to be. Did you like my typo? I don't even remember posting this last night!!!
Sounds like good times. I wish I could join you. Have a drink or two for me. :)
Oh I did but now that you asked me to, I can have another one for you if you would like. HA! Shhhhhh don't tell Grumps!
Enjoy your break...:)
You lush.
Have a great week off, Sunny! You deserve it! You should find a pool to go to, or do some shopping. Eat good food and sleep in!!!

*sigh* I wish my break wasn't ending!!!

Have a good one!
Live it up this week Sunny! (although it sounds like you may already be LOL) Hope that this week is full of some much needed relaxation, lots of sleep and yummy food, and doing what you want when you want!
You guys are so sweet! I am enjoying my break so far. I need to post tomorrow.

Grumps started off a little grumpy this morning with too many plans. As the day went on he slowed down. HA!

I am loving life today!
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