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Sunday, June 25, 2006


I am headed to Mississippi to visit my Granny for a few days.

When I get back I will be heading to the beach with K for a week in South Carolina.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO if you don't hear from me for awhile I am on vacation!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Catfish Boy

Last night me and the girls went out for a couple of drinks, catfish and some good time. Yes, there is actually a catfish place here in the North. Last summer it was our happening spot. Now we don't go there quite as often.

So I sent down with D and begin to wait for our other friend. Our little waiter guy shows up and asks me what I would like to drink. I begin to ask if there has been a change in the margarita selection. Of course he came out more like, "uh well, do you have any other margaritas besides lime or is it lemon, no lime or strawberry?" For some reason I got all flustered. He laughed and said that there has been no change.

I order my usual, a strawberry margarita on the rocks.

THEN he goes and does it. He says, "Hey I remember you." And laughs.

I blush.

D laughs.

Our last visit there was Cinco de Mayo. The place was packed and rocking. I was with D and K. We were drinking and laughing and having a great time. He was our waiter. Every time he came to check on us, walk past us, or get us something I said or did something bad. One of those times I was rubbing salsa off my boob but it looked more like I was enjoying a rub myself. (They aren't anthills, more like MOUNTAINS)

By the end of the evening I blushed every time he came to the table and his eyes would just bug out. I eventually apologized for my rude behavior. He thought it was funny.

With that background information now you know why it was so funny when he said that he knew who I was. For the rest of the evening he flirted. He tried really hard. At one point he told me to just call him Steve. After paying we realized that we wanted dessert. We went to pay for that and he said that we already paid for it. He then winks at me.

We didn't pay. I blushed. He comes back to tell us that it was covered and winks again.

Yes, it felt good to be flirted with. It would have felt even better if he was HOT, but he wasn't. He wasn't ugly but also not hot.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Phone Call

I have been laying my butt in bed all morning working hard to catch up on my TiVo. My travels are going to leave me with lots of TV. I was enjoying my nice quiet morning when the phone rings. First of all, I don't like telephones. Every time the phone rings I get sick butterflies. So silly I know. Thank God for caller id.

I roll over in bed to find the phone. It continues to ring. I look at my caller id and it is Terminix. We signed a contract with them the other day. They had to come back because the ants didn't go away. Grumps deals with calls like those, not me. I let the phone ring. I am not in the mood for talking about bugs.

I go back to my TiVo to enjoy The Last Comic Standing. The phone rings again. MAN stop ringing!!! It is Terminix again. This time they leave a message.

The voice is very prostitute sounding, deep and raspy.

"Hellooooooo Grumps,

This is Flow (Who has Flow has their name?) from Terminix. (She is trying really hard to sound sexy and get into Grumps' pants!)

I wanted to make sure everything went well with our visit. Please call me if you have any questions or concerns. I would looooovvvvveeeee to know how our services helped you.


I swear, it was like phone sex minus the vulgar words. She was huffing and gasping and trying really hard. I had to laugh.

I did save the message so that Grumps could enjoy a little moment with Flow this evening!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

By the way...


I Did IT!!!!

I went and got my eyebrows waxed. It was about time. I have been growing these suckers out for months now.

The experience was actually very pleasant. I tried not to feel too judged. The lady told me that I still had a few places where I needed to let grow. She said that she is in the hair removal business, not the hair growing.

Before I started growing these brows out I had very thin ones. I was a plucking tweezer freak. You get me started and I just can't stop. After looking through the magazines and watching the movies I realized that the brow is getting thicker. I had to do something about it.

So therefore the growth and the waxing. Grumps told me that it was nice to see them fuller and not so thin. I wish he had told me sooner that I looked like an old woman or someone with a permanent question look on my face.

The waxing wasn't painful. It felt a lot like a quick flick to my skin. She was very meticulous and really measured everything out. She even did a trimming on them. That part scares me. Now let's see if I can not over pluck and continue to grow these babies in!

If you haven't ever been in for a waxing, it is worth it!

*I had planned to take a before and after picture but got too caught up in the moment.

Monday, June 19, 2006

K' here you go!

Fill this out about your senior year in high school.

1. Who was your best friend?
I had long distance friendships. I was quite the only person during this time. HA!

2. What sports did you play?
Well is talking considered a sport?

3. What kind of car did you drive?
A 1991 Nissan Stanza. Grumps and I still own this car. I now call it the GoGo car!

4. It's Saturday night, where were you at?
Waiting by the phone for my boyfriend, David to call.

5. Were you a party animal?
HA! I just now learned what 'party animal' means.

6. Were you considered a flirt?

7. Ever skip school?
LaDon and I skipped school once. Boy it was quite eventful. Went to Smalltown Mall. Nothing was open. Headed back home. WOW we really were living dangerously.

8. Ever smoke?
NOPE and never plan to.

9. Were you a nerd?
Not really.

10. Did you get suspended/expelled?
That would have been funny to see.

11. Can you sing the Alma Mater song?
Nope, I was only at this school for 1 1/2 years and not really connecting.

12. Who was your favorite teacher?
Mrs. UGH what was her name? My British Lit teacher.

13. Favorite class?
British Literature. I felt very smart in this class. I loved reading and writing all about it. Now College Trig SUCKED!

14. What was your school's full name?
M High School (I googled my High School name and BAM it was the top hit. So this is all you will get!)

15. School mascot?
Good ole bulldogs

16. Did you go to Prom?
Yes, with my long distance, geek boyfriend. My mom made it not so fun! She totally didn't like him.

17. If you could go back and do it over, would you?
NO WAY, but I have to say if I could do it over again I would do it with way more confidence.

18. What do you remember most about graduation?
Geek boyfriend being there and totally thinking that I would marry him. HA what a joke!

19. Favorite memory of your Senior Year?
Toilet papering car after car!

20. Were you ever posted up on the senior wall?
Huh? We made a memory video that I would just die if I had to watch! Of course I said something stupid like, "I will marry David" WHATEVER!

21. Did you have a job?
Yep, after school day care and maid. Both SUCKED!

22. Who did you date?
David from South Carolina. He was truly a great guy but THANK GOD I married Grumps!

23. Where did you go most often for lunch?
The cafeteria. No leaving campus for us!

24. What did you do after graduation?
Visited a few after Grad parties then the great Project Graduation with David!!!

26. When did you graduate?
May, 1994

Man I am old and so glad I am grown up!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

So many posts but a forgetful mind

My brain is back to blogging but I have been too busy to do anything about it or to even remember what great ideas I had. I really should get myself a small notebook for my purse. I gave mine to a friend when her brother was in the hospital. It sure was a cute little sparkly pink notebook. I miss that notebook.

The other day I was going to the store for the 100th time that week. I saw a very fascinating thing. I saw a VERY heavy woman in a VERY tiny sports car. My thoughts were, is that comfortable, sexy and fun? Yes, it was an ugly thought but never the less it was there.

Anyone daring to pick up some of the summer tv shows? Of course I am watching them all! Right now I am watching Saved from TNT. So far the past 10 minutes have been great. Windfall has got me hooked. It is good to see some of the old actors come back for a fun show. Grumps and I laughed at Last Comic Standing. The Closer is back on. I started watching it but realized that I have to pay attention. I have The 4400 season 2 on Netflix and am TiVoing season 3 to watch later this summer. Wednesday Nights with K now involve So You Think You Can Dance! Such good clean tv! Project Runway will be on soon along with Big Brother. I really think I need some therapy. I am a tvaholic!

Me Time

Man, I feel like I have ran a marathon this past week. I am bone dead tired. It is time for me to have some time to myself. It has been a long time.

I have given time to friends, family, work and strangers. More friend time, work time, friend time, kid time.... I have just truly given and need some time to replenish. HA! That sounded funny.

So tonight, while Grumps goes and watches the final hockey game, I plan to watch TiVo, dvds, eat brownies, and drink wine. I have a feeling that by 8pm I will be asleep. It always works that way. I have great plans for myself and I fall asleep and miss it all.

3 more days of school. 2 of those are with kids and VERY easy half days. The other day is just a check out day that will be a waste of time. Can we all say, "It is about time this school year ended"?!!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Busy as all HECK!

Bone tired!

I miss this place!

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Wine festival

Oh I forgot to tell you all about my Saturday.

I went to a wine festival. This was my first. It was a big deal but just right around the corner from my house which made it even better.

I went with two of my close friends and Grumps. You would all be so proud of him. He really took care of us. After LOTS of wine sampling and a big yummy lunch and more wine tasting he got the blankets out for us. We all just spread out and talked and enjoyed more wine from our favorite winery. Grumps went and got more munchies for us while the girls shared little secrets that made us giggle like little girls.

I could do a wine festival every weekend minus the spins and headache I got for the rest of the weekend.

Now we are planning little winery get- a-ways.

M&M's and Wine

I has been a week and it is only Monday. My kids are off the wall. My to-do list isn't getting any shorter.

BUT I had pizza for dinner. Right now I am enjoying Party of Five, dark chocolate M&M's and wine. Report cards are finished. Actually most of the big paper work is done except for the filing part.

On my drive home today I had the windows open. I could smell sweet honeysuckle and freshly mowed grass. It made the entire day so much better. It smelled of freedom. The smell took me back to when life was easier. When I was younger. It was like the air gave me a nice hug.

This year has been one of the toughest years of my teaching career and my life. I am ready for at least part of it to be over.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

What Gender is Your Brain?

Your Brain is 80% Female, 20% Male

Your brain leans female
You think with your heart, not your head
Sweet and considerate, you are a giver
But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!
What Gender Is Your Brain?

I believe I have done this one before. It NEVER surprised me. I am such a girl!

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