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Friday, June 23, 2006

Catfish Boy

Last night me and the girls went out for a couple of drinks, catfish and some good time. Yes, there is actually a catfish place here in the North. Last summer it was our happening spot. Now we don't go there quite as often.

So I sent down with D and begin to wait for our other friend. Our little waiter guy shows up and asks me what I would like to drink. I begin to ask if there has been a change in the margarita selection. Of course he came out more like, "uh well, do you have any other margaritas besides lime or is it lemon, no lime or strawberry?" For some reason I got all flustered. He laughed and said that there has been no change.

I order my usual, a strawberry margarita on the rocks.

THEN he goes and does it. He says, "Hey I remember you." And laughs.

I blush.

D laughs.

Our last visit there was Cinco de Mayo. The place was packed and rocking. I was with D and K. We were drinking and laughing and having a great time. He was our waiter. Every time he came to check on us, walk past us, or get us something I said or did something bad. One of those times I was rubbing salsa off my boob but it looked more like I was enjoying a rub myself. (They aren't anthills, more like MOUNTAINS)

By the end of the evening I blushed every time he came to the table and his eyes would just bug out. I eventually apologized for my rude behavior. He thought it was funny.

With that background information now you know why it was so funny when he said that he knew who I was. For the rest of the evening he flirted. He tried really hard. At one point he told me to just call him Steve. After paying we realized that we wanted dessert. We went to pay for that and he said that we already paid for it. He then winks at me.

We didn't pay. I blushed. He comes back to tell us that it was covered and winks again.

Yes, it felt good to be flirted with. It would have felt even better if he was HOT, but he wasn't. He wasn't ugly but also not hot.

GOOD FOR YOU!!! It IS nice to get attention from guys after you're married, isn't it!?!? :) Makes you wanna go home and be real flirty with your hubby!!!
Well I wouldn't go that far. HA!
You go on with your bad self! ;-)
HA! I also got hit on by the oil changing guy. Of course he was just as gross.
Jay you are alive? :)
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