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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Me Time

Man, I feel like I have ran a marathon this past week. I am bone dead tired. It is time for me to have some time to myself. It has been a long time.

I have given time to friends, family, work and strangers. More friend time, work time, friend time, kid time.... I have just truly given and need some time to replenish. HA! That sounded funny.

So tonight, while Grumps goes and watches the final hockey game, I plan to watch TiVo, dvds, eat brownies, and drink wine. I have a feeling that by 8pm I will be asleep. It always works that way. I have great plans for myself and I fall asleep and miss it all.

3 more days of school. 2 of those are with kids and VERY easy half days. The other day is just a check out day that will be a waste of time. Can we all say, "It is about time this school year ended"?!!!!

Sooo glad your end is almost here. Mine can't come soon enough either.
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