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Monday, July 24, 2006

Empty Brain

I have an empty brain. Nothing great to share with you here. My life is wrapped in boobs that hurt, a stomach that is HUNGRY, and a body that needs a nap. (I love all three of those right now!)

This week is my recovery week. It is also a week where I have to enjoy every second because next week is the week of the in laws. Last week was the week of the parents. I am just spent. Family totally wears me out. I love them so much but it is interesting being older, married, and self sufficient and how you change in the dynamics of the family.

I am the quiet one in my family. (I am not sure if I have blogged about this before. Stop me if I have.) When people in my real life here that they just laugh and smirk and think I am totally lying. In my world outside of my family, I am the life of the party. I am constantly cracking jokes, laughing and talking. Within my family I sit back quietly and watch the drama and sitcom unfold.

I act just like my mom outside of her. BUT she is 10x more me if that is possible. My dad competes with her to be in the spot light. My brother can sell you the dirty shoe strings right off of his shoes for millions and you would think you just broke a deal. My little sister, 10 years younger than me, is the show stopper. Her hair color is constantly changing right along with the style. Her clothes are either in major style or they are of her own style.

To be heard in my family you have to talk loud. You have to yell over the other person. You have to really take charge and be aggressive. That is where I fail. I am NOT an aggressive person. I like to have fun and be silly but I don't like to take charge. When I want to be heard in my family I have to yell over them. When I tell a story in my family I never get to the climax because one is trying to one up my story before mine even ends.

I love my family but as you can see I am a totally different person with them. I am the quiet one. I am the peacemaker. By the end of my time with them I really miss the real me and can't wait to be myself. There are sometimes that the real me comes out and my mom looks amazed. It is like she is seeing herself in a mirror.

Now you can understand why I am so tired and in need of a break. But with Grumps family it is a totally different dynamic. They are all quiet. They are constantly talking about how to better the world. How so and so needs help. They don't talk much during meals. Guess where I fit in? I am the talker. I am constantly cracking jokes and being the life of the party. My mother in law sits back and watches, not always approving. So when I come back from this trip I will for sure need a vacation!

I never thought it was possible that you were the quiet one in your family, but having spent time at your parent's place with everyone around, I can attest to it. I can totally see why you need a vacation after family time.
lol Thanks I!!!!
enjoy your relaxation time! sounds like you deserve it.
oh, good grief! Poor girl!

Tell me about family! LIving with the in-laws since May is freakin' killing me!!! AGH!!!

My prayers are with you during this family visitation time!!! :)
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