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Friday, September 29, 2006


The other day Grumps and I were too busy to think about dinner. We both were craving KFC.

I drove up to the menu/speaker. I was ending a conversation with a friend. I asked the lady to give me just a minute. 5 seconds later she asked if I was ready. Not in a polite voice either.

I ask a few questions and she gets very short with me. NO ONE IS BEHIND ME!

Who did she think she was being short and rude to me when I was buying fried chicken from her? I felt rushed, frazzled, and just plain shocked.


Has anyone been to Target lately?

They sell Coach purses now.

They sell some very expensive name brand jeans and pants now.

When did Target become expensive and mall like?

I had a basket full clothes and went to the dressing room. When did they count carefully the 6 things you are allowed to take in? Then count the items you bring out? I felt like a shoplifter.

I felt like I was in some strange place. Not sure if I liked it. Yes, I got some cute things and makeup BUT what happened to the old home grown Target? HA!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Topless Car Wash

What a laugh!

Friday, September 15, 2006


It's Friday and I have an internal alarm clock.

I woke up at 5:59am. I laid back down to wait for the alarm to go over. I waited and waited. Finally I thought that there was no way a minute could be that long. Sure enough it was 6:05 am and it never went off.

That would had made Friday suck if I had slept till 8:00am.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

This and Thats

Today really should have been Friday. It felt like a Friday all day long. The kids acted like it was Friday. WHY COULDN'T HAVE BEEN FRIDAY?!!!

I went to the mall on my way home. I have been in desperate need of my mascara from Sophoria. I parked at Macy's in the men's section. I stopped in a few stores and bought other things that I really didn't need. I found the new Forever 21 store for grown ups and fell in love. Because today was a rainy day I wasn't in the mood to try on clothes. On my way back through the mall I really wanted something to eat or drink. I have a Caribou Coffee car burning a hole in my pocket. I checked the Directory and realized that it was out of my way back to Macy's. I get to Macy's and feel slightly lost. Why does everything look different? Maybe I am suppose to be upstairs. I go upstairs to the men's department and still feel out of sorts.

WHERE DID I PARK? The thought was screaming through my head. I knew it was Macy's/Men's Department. Nothing looked the same. I panicked for a brief moment. How would I ever find my car.

I walked out to a directory and realized that there are now 2 Macy's. Ummm how was I suppose to know that. I didn't feel so stupid after all.

Finally, on my way into the right Macy's there was a mom and her little girl. The girl was fascinated with the mannequins. She asked if they were real. The mom said, "Are they moving or look real?" The little girl said, "Nope." Then the mom said, "And they really are pasting white. no one is that white sweetheart." I couldn't stop laughing. It was such a cute response.

(Okay none of that was as funny as the actually experience. Just humor me!)


When my alarm went off this morning I rolled over and sighed, "Yeah, It's Friday."

Then I realized, "UGH it is just Thursday!"

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

In the Air

I feel a change in the air.

Summer is coming to an end.

Fall is on its way.

We slept with the windows open last night. It was a perfect night. I am hoping that today stays nice and crisp. Let me check the weather. (That is really why I am down here so early)

High 74/Cloudy

I hope it stays under 74 today.

Tomorrow it is going to rain.

Fall is my favorite season. The air is always so perfect. Crisp! The colors amaze me of God's beauty. Vibrant!

I hope all of you have a perfect day today!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Insurance Man 2

Got a voice mail today.

"We just wanted to let you know that Mr. Idiot Man who didn't share his umbrella got his estimate. His damage is $900."

WHAT THE *&^%&*(*&*&**(^^#@!@#@#%(*&^$^%

Grumps just couldn't believe it. I am the one who found the damage for Mr. Idiot.


We will have the insurance take care of it along with our damage now. Nice $250 deductible AND a lovely increase of 15% of our insurance each month for the next 3 years. NICE!!!

Are We Serious?

Grumps swears it is a look a like. I believe it is really him. What do you think?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Insurance Man

I got the call today. The idiot man called in the accident.

They were too busy to take my call before they closed.

I am waiting to call tomorrow.

Grumps is not happy with any of it.

He might call for me tomorrow.

Fingers crossed that all is well.

I think I might just hurt Grumps if he doesn't shut up about it all.

He is on my last nerve.

He is still talking about it all as I type.

My Bad Word

What do you think of the word piss? I don't swear. I only jokingly say words that are considered 'bad'. BUT lately I have really taken to the word piss. Yes I am sure I am getting laughs right now to even consider it a 'bad' word.

Growing up I always thought that word was rude and vulgar. I really hated it. Now it just seems to fit most days or thoughts.

"That really pissed me off."

"I was so pissed!"

"Don't be so pissy!"

My only other really bad word is suck or shit in German. HA! I did say, beaotch yesterday about some stupid person at work. I felt bad afterward.

Please don't make fun of me too much BUT do you use my bad word?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cheap Trick

I was shocked that Grumps hadn't tried this yet with his gassy self!!!! He couldn't stop laughing when he saw it. He did talk of tricks like this in college! I bet he will try this now!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Falling and Fast

It is a little after 8:30 pm and I am already falling asleep. What does that tell you?

Yep! You guessed it! School started back today. All those little lovely faces came into my room with backpacks full of supplies ready to dump them at my feet. I sat down only long enough to read a story and eat lunch in under 20 minutes. My feet, legs, head, throat, you name it, hurts today. I refuse to go to bed right now.

I was ready for today. After 7 years of teaching it really becomes old hat. But this morning I was first caught off guard with the rain. Not just rain but BUCKETS of rain. I had my wipers on high before I made it through the first intersection.

At that first intersection I got in a little fender bender. YEP, that is right, I got into an accident, in the rain, on my first day of school. I didn't want to get stuck behind 3 buses so I decided to 'cut' someone off to get into the left lane. That nice old man decided that he wasn't going to let that happen this morning and decided to gun it and not let me in. It is raining, my wipers are on full blast, and my music is up. I don't hear him and BAM! I felt him. I stood in the rain for 10 minutes without an umbrella. Of course the old man didn't share his. Of course my car had nice big scrapes on the side. Of course his BIG SUV wasn't touched except for an inch of a small scratch that you can't see but only feel.

We exchanged info. The cop came and told us that we were fine. BUT I was ticked and wet and still had 25 minutes of driving time left BEFORE I even set foot into my classroom which is in a trailer where I stood in the rain for another 40 minutes greeting kids.

I have had one glass of my favorite wine. I am off to finish the bottle while begging my eyes to stay awake! I just love this time of year!

Monday, September 04, 2006

A Problem

I have a problem. Grumps wasn't very happy with this problem last night. It happens often. I am hoping that I am not alone.

I fall asleep when I am tired at people's houses. I am suppose to be nice and funny and talkative but instead I fall asleep. I try EVERYTHING to stay awake. I get up. Go to the bathroom. Drink water. Eat a snack. Sit up. Talk and ask questions. But when I am tired there is nothing I can do. I will be midsentence and fall flat asleep.

On the way home from our friends' house last night Grumps wouldn't shut up about how bad I was. He made me feel so awful. I even emailed my friend apologizing.

Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions to keeping me awake? It really isn't very nice but when you are tired you are tired!

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